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Förderstiftung des Diözesanmuseums St. Afra, Kornhausgasse 3-5, 86152 Augsburg



The Diocesan Museum St. Afra

The museum's collection contains numerous regionally significant exhibits as well as works of art of international standing such as the Ottonian bronze portal from Augsburg Cathedral, the liturgical vestments of St. Ulrich and the funeral weapons of Emperor Charles V. The aim is to preserve this highly valuable collection for the future. In addition, the museum aims to present the historical, cultural and theological significance of these artworks to the public in special exhibitions and other projects. One of the main tasks of the Diocesan Museum St. Afra is to communicate our Christian cultural roots to the public.

Foundation Goal

The Förderstiftung des Diözesanmuseums was established as an ecclesiastical foundation under public law by the Bishop of Augsburg on August 7, 2009 and officially recognised by the Bavarian State Ministry for Education and Cultural Affairs on September 4, 2009. Its goal is to financially support the museum in its fundamental tasks of collecting, preserving, indexing and mediating. For this purpose, the interest income from the foundation's assets will be used for acquiring sacred art objects from the Diocese of Augsburg, for necessary conservation and restoration work, for scientific honorary staff, for publications as well as for the adequate presentation and mediation of the works of art.


Donations and endowments

We are very pleased to receive your support. You can make your donation to us in various ways:

As a donation of any amount.

In this case, the full amount can be used for the planned acquisition or service.

As an endowment in any amount.

- In the form of a one-off payment
- In the form of a regular endowment
- In form of an inheritance in favour of our foundation through your last will and testament.


In this case, your invested capital remains permanently in the Foundation's assets; only the interest income from your endowment may be spent.

Donation Account

Förderstiftung des Diözesanmuseums St. Afra

LIGA Bank eG
IBAN: DE69 7509 0300 0000 1367 19

Donations and endowments can be deducted from taxable income as special expenses. If you require a donation receipt, please state your name and address when making the transfer. Your donation of up to 200 € is also tax-deductible without a separate donation receipt upon presentation of the cash deposit slip or the booking confirmation of the bank.

Thank you very much for your support!

Donations & Endowments

Our Contact

We will be pleased to provide you with further information on the Förderstiftung des Diözesanmuseums St. Afra. Together we can surely find a way to take your wishes and ideas under consideration. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

  • Prof. Dr. Gerda Riedl, Head of Department VI: Fundamental Issues: Faith and Teaching - University - Worship and Liturgy
    Chairperson of the Foundation Council
    Call +49 821 3166-6000
  • Melanie Thierbach M. A., Museum Director
    Foundation Board
    Call +49 821 3166-8830

Our contact


Foundation Board

Board of Trustees 

  • Prof. Dr Gerda Riedl
    Head of Department VI: Fundamental Issues: Faith and Teaching - University - Worship and Liturgy
  • Dr. Thomas Weckbach
  • Dr. Thomas Groll
    Chairman of the Association for Augsburg Diocesan History e. V.
  • Dr. Peter Menacher
    Former Lord Mayor of the City of Augsburg
  • Peter Kindermann
    Diocesan Higher Legal Council of the Diocese of Augsburg
Stiftungsvorstand und Stiftungsrat


  • Financial support for the purchase of a tapestry with the diocesan patrons Ulrich and Afra (Frans Geubels (?), before 1582).
  • Financial support for the catalogue of the special exhibition "The Seven Deadly Sins"
  • Purchase of the Mühlburger collection with approx. 200 prints on places of pilgrimage in the diocese of Augsburg
  • Financial support for the catalogue of the special exhibition "König. Bürger. Bettelmann. Treffpunkt Heilig Kreuz"
  • Acquisition digital screens for visitor information

In case you miss any information or just want to give us feedback, please feel free to contact us.