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Room 5

The Ulrich's Chapel, the last of the museum rooms, enables the visitor to travel back in time. Discover the Roman period and the era when Augsburg Cathedral was contrived.

When the decision was made to include the chapel into the museum proper, the opportunity arose for an excavation by municipal archaeologists. Artefacts found during the dig as well as two "archaeological windows" have been allowing us a glimpse into the past ever since. Of particular importance was the discovery of Carolingian transept fundaments and early mural art probably stemming from the cathedral monastery founded by Bishop Ulrich in the 10th century.
The same excavation yielded remains of residential buildings, both from the Roman Period (2nd-5th cent.) and the Early Middle Ages (5th-8th cent.).

Today, the chapel appears in Late Gothic veneer. Its changeful history, however, began as soon as 1127. From 1590 onwards, it was used by the Chordigeri S. Francisci Assiensis, a Franciscan lay brotherhood, while the tailors' guild celebrated mass there all through 19th century. Accordingly, it used to be known under changing names, e.g. "Taylors' Chapel".

The monumental altarpiece depicting the rare subject of "Christ Crucified by the Virtues" was installed very recently. The altar underneath remains consecrated to this day.




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26. März - 11. Juli 2021