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Room 4

The historic columned Romanesque chapter house dating back to the 12th century is indubitably one of the most striking rooms in the museum. Formerly used by the cathedral chapter for congregations, the room is now dedicated to the fascinating topic of relics and reliquaries.

Relics were often stored in specially created, precious vessels which are customarily among the most important items in any church treasury. However, everyday receptacles like small chests or glass jars were also used as reliquaries, particularly for housing relics within the altar sepulchre. The museum shows an astounding treasure of relic vessels from various eras, made from a great diversity of materials. While some were meant for bigger items, others were created to stow the tiniest of relics.

Also on display is an assortment of rare woven ribbons dating back to the 9th century that used to be worshipped as Virgin Mary Girdles.


Highlight: Eucharistic Miracle "Wunderbarliches Gut"

A very special highpoint is the Eucharistic Miracle "Wunderbarliches Gut von Heilig Kreuz". While the famous bleeding host itself is still being kept in the cloister of "Heilig Kreuz" where it has been worshipped from the turn of the 13th century onwards, the museum shows the resplendent golden ostensorium. Studded with rubies, diamantes, and pearls, it kept being redesigned, augmented, and expanded from 1205 until well into the 20th century. It is one of the main objects of Augsburg history of art and worship.

Ausstellungen, Special exhibition

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26. März - 11. Juli 2021