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Room 3

Room 3 is dedicated to the liturgy and the altar in particular. Come and see the manifold shapes, sizes, and purposes of the altars on display. In addition to separate altar pieces and figures, you will also find various portable altars, including an astounding piece Cardinal Otto Truchsess von Waldburg used on his travels. Decorated with iron-wrought reliefs, the combination of winged altar and cabinet dates back to 1560/70.Further liturgical exhibits like vestments, instruments and manuscripts draw the eye of the beholder, corresponding to the topic of altars. Take a close look at precious altar furniture, e.g. monstrances and chalices, most of which are part of the cathedral treasure and excellent examples of the long-standing high-quality work by Augsburg's goldsmiths. Additional highpoints are rare medieval textiles, among them two garments that belonged to St. Bishop Ulrich, dating back to the 10th century. Various medieval manuscripts are also well worth seeing. They are in part beautifully illustrated, e.g. an evangelistary by 11th-century artists of the famous Reichenau School.The room itself was once part of a cathedral monastery dating back to the era of Bishop Ulrich (923-973). It lies adjacent to the western cloister wing. The section was largely destroyed during World War II and rebuilt during 1953 and 1955. The remaining walls were integrated into the new edifice.


Highlights: Funerary Arms of Emperor Charles V
Let your imagination be captured by the spectacular funerary arms of Emperor Charles V. The exquisitely ornamented weapons were displayed in Augsburg Cathedral during the stately funeral ceremony in 1558. They were used in proxy as the emperor's body was laid to rest in the Escorial in Madrid.

Ausstellungen, Special exhibition

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26. März - 11. Juli 2021