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The main hall, once the ordinariate library, features three thematic groups: the bishopric, its saints, and the episcopal church itself. Portraits and personal items provide an insight into the lives of Augsburg's bishops, from the earliest legendary figures to contemporary office-holders. Various relics and works of art illustrate the history of Augsburg Cathedral, giving you an idea what the monumental church used to look like.The exhibition would not be complete without the three bishopric saints, Ulrich, Afra, and Simpert. An assortment of miscellaneous paintings and sculptures tell of their extraordinary lives and performed miracles.A collection of photographs exhibited on the gallery give proof of the bishopric's great diversity of churches. You will also find fascinating historic artefacts from various churches as well as works by modern Augsburg artist.


Highlight: St. Felicitas of RomeThe high-quality group of figures by an as of yet unknown late Gothic artist constitutes a rare rendering of St. Felicitas and her sons. It is an undisputable masterwork of the period.

Ausstellungen, Special exhibition

7 Kapellen

26. März - 11. Juli 2021